Monday, May 16, 2011

Displaying images on Reports in JDE

Does E1 support embedding images on reports? We're not asking about BI pubilisher
JDE does not support embedding images directly on the report.The alternate way is to create a custom font using font creation tools and add that image to a report constant in RDA.
Steps at a high level
  1. Create a new font(Itzlogo) and associate the image to one of the character, say B
  2. Save the font and install it to the windows\fonts folder
  3. Now open RDA and add Insert report constant at the place where you wish to have the image/logo/ signature.
  4. In the Variable Name enter the value say 'B'.Navigate to Font/Color tab.. choose the itzlogo font and click ok.
  5. The image will appear on the design aid....... Run the report to see the image now.
Some of types of images that are added to the reports: Company logos, special symbols,Signatures ..etc


    Anonymous said...

    with an iseries enterprise server, where are located the usable fonts for JDE :
    \B7334SYS\ressource\font or
    nice if you can answer at

    Jayson Ocio said...
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    Anonymous said...

    What font editor did you use to convert the image to TTF?